Now I understand…

1952 I was born in East London.
1970 I went to university (Lancaster-Chemistry degree)
1973 I began teaching (P.E. & Maths-Carnegie College, Leeds)
1974 I began researching the Science of Learning (& teaching)
1983 I became a parent (2 girls)
1985 & 1990 I did part-time courses for Dip.Ed. & M.Ed. (Anglia)
1996 I became a step-parent (2 boys, 2 girls)
2003 I became a Learning Consultant (National Strategy-Behaviour) when I began providing hundreds of presentations and training sessions to parents, teachers, leaders, health, social, youth workers and others.
I’ve had the following comment on numerous occasions, “why didn’t we know this before?”
In 2015 I decided to begin this blog to attempt to share some of the learning, understanding and extensive research I’ve discovered, so that others can also say- Now I understand…


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